Architectural Mouldings

architectural mouldings

Classic architecture typically incorporates a large amount of architectural mouldings to accent buildings. Everything from exterior architectural window trim to architectural crown mouldings help to soften a room and add an air of elegance to it.

While not nearly ornate as a thousand years ago, there are still buildings constructed today that incorporate architectural wall decor. Venues such as banquet halls and conference centers have a tendency to veer towards traditional architecture - with large columns and decorative architectural trim.

Architectural mouldings are typically made from high end materials like precast concrete mouldings or even marble. While these traditional architectural trim products provide a genuine look and feel, an authentic look can be had with look-a-like products. In sections of a wall or building that people can see but not physically access, a styrofoam architectural molding product with a cement coating will appear identical to solid concrete or marble.

Decoramould specializes in manufacturing architectural decor (trims, sills, mouldings, cornices, columns) that look just like precast concrete, but are a fraction of the weight and cost. This puts high-end architecural design in the hands of the masses - not just the aristocrats and allows home owners to decorate their homes as they see fit.

With a styrofoam trim core and a modified cement coating, Decoramould architectural mouldings are light weight - which makes installation simple. Sometimes, simply using an adhesive (PL Premium or a cement adhesive) is enough to hold the product in place, though a nail is often recommended for 24 hours.

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