What lengths does your trim / moulding come in?

Decoramould manufactures all trims, sills, moldings, cornices, columns, flat bands, EIFS starter strips and pilasters come in 8' (foot) lengths (referred to as pieces). For lengths less than 8', round up to the nearest whole piece.

Do you make custom shaped trims / mouldings?

Decoramould has the capability of manufacturing any shape and size of moulding (above 2"x2"). Typical set-up fee is $200, though this can be waived in quantities above 25 pieces (200 linear feet).

What color is the product?

You choose the final color by painting on site, after installation, with any stucco, EIFS or exterior-grade masonry paint.

Trim and molding products come in a cement grey coating, which looks like a standard precast product. This coating is porous and requires painting.

Decorative items made from polyurethane come with a white primer over the exposed surface. This coating, while not porous, will easily stain and discolor, and requires painting.

What texture does the product have?

The trim and molding products come with a fine cement finish, although not smooth like wood.

Decorative items made from polyurethane are smoother, but have a slightly grainy texture due to the primer.

Will this product rot / warp / infest?

All of our products are made from inorganic materials that are designed for exterior use.

They do not have any material that will rot. However, organic material that becomes stuck to our product and not cleaned away may rot.

They do not warp like wood products.

They do not have any material that would encourage insects to eat or burrow into them. However, termites have been known to tunnel through to get at improperly protected wood beneath.

Do you have (insert item) in stock?

We stock nearly all items in at least 20 units. More popular items (keystones, certain trims and sill) are stocked in quantities upwards of 200 units.

If the products are required on a tight schedule, please contact Decoramould to inquire about stock levels and shipping time.

Do you have distributors? Can I buy locally?

We worked with distributors for a while, but the markups they charged and the number of SKUs they had to carry made it not worth either of our time. These products can't be found locally.

This has allowed us to cut the price to the end-user by 50% on average.

Decoramould ships 100% of orders from our warehouse in Toronto.

Where are you located?

Our manufacturing facility is located in Toronto, Canada.

How does the order ship?

Large orders (over $1500) are generally shipped via freight company. For small orders, UPS is sometimes used depending on the size of the items.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Orders are typically processed within 3 business days, with a shipping time between 3-7 business days.

If you require products by a specific date, please reach out to us directly to make arrangements.

What is the shipping time?

Typical shipping time is 3 days to the North-East USA and 5-7 days to South-West USA using UPS standard ground delivery. Orders are shipped from Toronto, Canada.

Orders from overseas must be prepaid and picked up from our location - we do not arrange shipping and export outside of North America.

I need expedited shipping

We are able to accommodate rush shipments via UPS or common courier for an additional charge. Please contact Decoramould with your timeline if you require a rush shipment.

Are there taxes?

Decoramould does not collect or remit taxes except in Canada. The customer is responsible for complying with their local laws and regulations.