Stucco Mouldings

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Exterior Moldings

  • Engineered for aesthetics, durability and light weight
  • Architecturally Designed to match high-end precast concrete homes
  • Will not Rot, Warp or Infest like inferior wood products
  • Light Weight means it can be installed during construction, or after as a renovation
  • Painted any color of your choosing after installation
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For stucco moldings designed for windows, visit the Stucco Trim category.

These Exterior Stucco Moldings (or "wall bands") are designed to frame and separate sections of a wall. Moldings are most commonly used along the building joint between the first and second floor, or just along a section of wall to fill in otherwise "plain" space. Stucco moldings can additionally be used along the bottom of a wall for a more finished termination. Unlike some molded/extruded products, Decoramould's moldings are cut from a solid material which gives it crisp, straight lines.

The wall band running along the bottom of the porch, and continuing horizontally between the first and second floor.

Stucco Molding Installation

Styorfoam-core stucco Moldings can be installed either during the initial construction phase, or added afterwards as a renovation. This eases the design process by allowing you to spread the decisions out over time, giving you time to find exactly what you're looking for and spreading the financial outlay over years instead of weeks. Some of the worst design mistakes are made in a rushed state - either being over-conscious of cost and selecting a molding that is too small, or going with something too large that will overpower the trim on windows and doors.

Due to the light weight of the materials, no additional structural reinforcing is required. While concrete moldings can weigh hundreds of pounds, styrofoam-core moldings weigh just a few pounds per foot, and are recommended to be installed with construction adhesive (not masonry anchors), while matching the look of upscale concrete products. The relatively thin, reinforced concrete coating makes it simple to cut and miter on site with standard wood-working tools, again saving you from having to buy specialized concrete cutting tools.

Stucco Molding Design

You'll want to choose your stucco moldings based on the size of the wall section you're framing - larger homes (2 stores +) will want to go for 8" or more, while bungalows will want to choose moldings that are under 8". This helps keeps the design elements proportional, and helps increase the aesthetic as a whole. 

Cost of Precast Concrete Moldings

Decoramould's moldings are anywhere from 50%-90% less expensive than comparable concrete moldings. This is due in part to the fact that they're made from less expensive materials (90% of it is lightweight styrofoam), and partly due to the fact that they're less labour intensive to install. Concrete mouldings need to be structurally supported, often requiring a section of the exterior wall to be cut out in order to integrate the mouldings into the wall. Additionally, the weight of a concrete molding can be 10x as much as ours (20 pounds vs. 200 pounds), requiring specialized moving equipment and higher transportation fees.

Idea: Stucco Garage Moldings

Adding simple header moldings to the stucco above a garage door can add character to a house. Stucco decor like keystones and flowers may be used almost anywhere along with moldings to add more detail. The lighting beside the garage door -- aside from lighting the driveway -- will cast interesting shadows on the molding itself and the stucco above the molding.

In this image:

Exterior molding CAD files are avaialable for builders, contractors, designers and architects who wish to incorporate the designs into blueprints. We ship to: New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Texas, California and the rest of the continental U.S. Orders to the Virgin Islands are send to a port in Florida, and require the buyer to arrange for transport from there.

 Where to Buy Stucco Moldings

Decoramould is a stucco moldings supplier for exterior home renovation, retrofits and alterations throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. Customers can buy exterior stucco moldings online, and have their exterior moldings purchase shipped directly to them.

Our stucco moldings look like high end concrete moldings, but weigh only a fraction as much - and often cost only a fraction as much as well. They can be installed during the initial construction of a home or building, or added on as decorative moldings after construction. Installation is as easy as adhering them to the wall surface, for more information see installation instructions.