Stucco Window Trims

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  • Painted any color of your choosing after installation
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Stucco Trims

Our Stucco Trim is made from light weight polystyrene (styrofoam), with an acrylic-based cement coating that looks like concrete, and embedded fibreglass mesh to keep that coating from cracking. The light weight foam is easier to install than wood trim, will not rot or become infested like wood, and is easier to install. Simply cut the trim to size, glue it to the wall with construction adhesive, caulk the outside seams, and paint!

Our stucco window trims come in a wider range of styles and sizes than standard wood trim as well, offering greater design flexibility, and better visual appeal. Despite the size and appearance, the trim does not require additional reinforcing around your windows, unlike expensive (and heavy) concrete trims.

Note: We can not make stucco trims smaller than Trim 001.

Add stucco keystones to your trim for more visual appeal!

Classic Keystone

Stucco Window Trim Installation

Traditional window trim made from wood or concrete have heavy trade-offs: wood, while cheap, also has a tendency to rot and is very limited in design options. Concrete trim is visually appealing and durable, but is very expensive, and requires significant structural reinforcing, meaning it usually can't be done as a renovation. A material that is light weight, durable, comes in a wide variety of styles and can be added after initial construction would be ideal - and is what we've created.

Styrofoam-core trim that have a reinforced, modified-cement coating can be made in any shape and size, won't rot like wood, and are light enough to be installed with simple construction adhesive. This makes updating the look of your home with new trim a simple, cost-effective way to enhance the visual and resale value.

Stucco Trim Design

Designing your home's exterior doesn't have to be hard. We recommend trims above 6" for large windows, and trims under 6" for smaller windows. When picking a profile, you'll want to choose something first and foremost based on what you think looks appealing. If you're going for a more classical look, our rounded profiles are ideal for you, while the more edgy trims with angles will give your home more of a modern style.

Your choice of color is also entirely at your discretion. Stucco trims are painted on site after installation, to prevent scrapes and damage, and are always sent from the factory in the cement-grey coating that's ready for an exterior masonry or stucco paint. The most common design choice is to make the color of your stucco trim and accents slightly darker than the color you've chosen for your home. This creates a focal point that brings your eye's focus to the windows and really makes them pop. Alternatively, if you prefer to have the focal point of your home on another design element - whether a beautifully decorated entryway or your landscaping, the color selected can be similar to the walls themselves, which will help them blend in.

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Exterior window trim enhances the look of an otherwise plain looking windows. Window trimming is a simple way to update the look of your home, which can increase curb appeal and therefore resale value. Selecting Decoramould trim in lieu of wood is important for areas susceptible to the elements, such as doors and windows. Unlike wood, which can fall victim to mold, rot and infestation - windows trimmed with Decoramould stand up to even the harshest elements for decades, reducing maintenance and repair costs. These trims are designed for the outdoor environment, and can be attached to brick, stone or stucco.

CAD files are avaialable for contractors, designers, architects and builders who need to incorporate the designs into drawings. We ship to: California, Texas, Nevada, Florida, Ohio, New York, New Jersey and the rest of the continental U.S. Orders going to the Virgin Islands are shipped to a port in Florida.

Measuring Window Trim

Measuring window trim

As a general guideline, most windows will take 3 pieces of trim, but this depends entirely on the size of your windows and the type of design.

Precast Concrete Trim

Precast concrete makes a great window trim because of the flexibility in design and longevity, but can be so expensive that it's unfeasible. Due to the weight, it often must be integrated directly into the wall (plus additional wall ties for support) which makes it very labour intensive to add during a renovation. Entire sections of the wall must be removed so that the concrete trim can be installed on top of the brick for sturctural support.

Decoramould's trim is about 90% polystyrene (styrofoam), with just a concrete coating to make it look like pre-cast concrete. As a result, they're a fraction of the weight of comparable precast (20 pounds vs. 200 pounds) and the trims are simply adhered to the face of the wall. This saves dozens of manhours of labour and is far less intrusive than true precast window trims.

Exterior Door Trim

These trims can also be used as exterior door trims. Installed on the two side and top of the door, they make the door "pop" and stand out more. We recommend selecting at least a 6" trim to ensure that the size is proportionate with the door you're framing. You can also use a Pilaster on the sides of a door, with a trim on top.

Decoramould is a stucco trims supplier for exterior home renovation, retrofits and alterations throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. Customers can buy exterior stucco trims online, and have their exterior trims purchase shipped directly to them.

Our stucco trims look like high end concrete trims, but weigh only a fraction as much - and often cost only a fraction as much as well. They can be installed during the initial construction of a home or building, or added on as decorative trims after construction. Installation is as easy as adhering them to the wall surface, for more information see installation instructions.