Decoramould is cut with standard wood working tools such as a hand saw or table saw.

  • Install on Brick, Stone, Stucco, EIFS, Fiber-Cement and ICF with Cement Adhesive
  • Install on Vinyl, Aluminum and Wood with PL Premium

Installation is made simple because of the extreme light weight of the product - often less than 10% of the weight of comparable concrete trim. Depending on the siding of your home, it is recommended you use a cement adhesive, or PL Premium - depending on your siding. Temporary mechanical fasteners (nails) should be used while the adhesive sets - typically 24 hours, and removed afterward.

View the installation video from a supplier's website:


For convenience, you can purchase the cement adhesive directly from us and have it shipped with the order. For larger orders, we recommend purchasing the cement adhesive from a local EIFS distributor, contact us for details. Because of the light weight of the trim, the addition of the adhesive does not add to the shipping cost. EIFS adhesive is used with sidings such as Brick, Concrete Block, Stucco, Fiber-Cement (Hardie), EIFS and ICF.

For wall claddings such as vinyl and metal siding - a construction-grade adhesive such as PL Premium is typically recommended.

How To Cut

Decoramould's exterior trim products can be cut using conventional wood-working tools such as a miter-box and handsaw, skill-saw or miter saw. A wood saw blade can be used, however it will become irreversibly dulled and as such we recommend the use of a masonry blade.

Sills can be ordered with mitered ends to save time during installation. Mitered ends give sills a very refined, finished look. Do not forget to include the total end-to-end length you require the sill to be.

While the average home owner could install our products, it is recommended a professional installer be contracted to install the product, and a warranty obtained from them. Decoramould is unable to warranty problems arising from the installation of the product because we have no control over the workmanship of the installation.




Execution of installation must conform to EIFS manufacturer's requirements for Environmental conditions, application, material, and preparation.

Frozen material should not be used.
Application to frozen Substrate is prohibited.
Temperature before, during and until coatings cure should not be less than 50C (41F).

Surface must be clean and dry, free of loose material or any foreign material.

Medallion Installation

For details on how to install Medallions, visit our Medallion Installation Instructions page.