Exterior Polyurethane Foam Corbels and Brackets

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Polyurethane Foam Corbels (or brackets) add a unique visual element for door and window trims or sills. Browse our huge inventory for one that is right for you.

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Decoramould is a polyurethane foam corbels supplier for exterior home renovation, retrofits and alterations throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. Customers can buy exterior corbels online, and have their lightweight foam corbels shipped directly to them.

Lightweight Foam Corbels

Our faux foam corbels look like high end concrete corbels, but weigh only a fraction as much - and often cost only a fraction as much as well. They can be installed during the initial construction of a home or building, or added on as decorative corbels after construction. Installation is as easy as adhering them to the wall surface, for more information see installation instructions.

Why Polyurethane Corbels?

Polyurethane is a lightweight foam that is easily injection molded, taking the size and shape of the mold it's put into. Our artesian craftsmen have painstakingly designed and crafted our molds, paying attention to every detail in every corbel for a high-end finish.

We finish off the production process of polyurethane corbels by priming them with a white coating so that they're ready to be painted on site using any exterior-grade masonry or stucco paint.