Architects, Builders, Contractors

While the website is designed specifically for ease of use by home owners, the majority of the work done by our parent company is commercial and institutional work for architects, builders and contractors throughout the United States. Manufacturing in Canada near the largest suppliers allows us to be extremely competitive on large projects, and allows you to benefit from an exchange rate in your favor.

Decoramould is capable of manufacturing thousands of linear feet of any size molding, including custom shapes at our manufacturing facility to accommodate even the largest hotel and commercial projects.

One of the original pre-coated foam shape manufacturers, we have been manufacturing and refining our product for over a dozen years. The majority of our multi-million dollar per year business involves exporting to large projects throughout Florida, Texas, Nevada, California and resort islands.


Regardless whether you're using Sto, Dryvit or Senergy on a project, we have put in the testing and have perfected the manufacturing process with each of these major manufacturers' base coats. The result is a product that is 100% compatible with the same base coat on the decorative shapes as the rest of the wall, and is covered under the EIFS manufacturer's warranty. This means that you and your clients can rest assured that your wall cladding components are compatible, and have a single warranty to worry about as opposed to multiple (sometimes conflicting) warranties. Contact us for the letters from the manufacturers to see for yourself.