Why Stucco Exterior Window Trim?

Not a whole lot of people are aware of the presence of “stucco trim”; that is – a styrofoam core, layered with fiberglass mesh and a modified cement coating. Stucco trim makes excellent exterior window trim because it will never rot, warp or infest like other outside wood trim. It looks like expensive, ornate concrete trim but at 1/10th of the weight and sometimes cost as well.

Stucco Columns, Looking like Concrete

Because of the light weight nature of the product, it is simple to adhere to most substrates, making it ideal for renovations. Other trim materials require you to cut out your siding or entirely remove your windows, whereas Decoramould’s exterior window trim can be adhered directly onto the siding.

Your choice of colors is virtually unlimited. Decoramould’s exterior window trim is painted after installation using any exterior-grade masonry paint. This allows you to match the current color of your brick, stucco or EIFS home, or use a contrasting color to create a dynamic effect.


Stucco Trim on Concrete Block

Most commonly used over EIFS, stucco, ICF, brick and concrete block, it is versatile enough to be used on wood, T-111, vinyl and even metal siding. The wide variety of shapes allows you to choose one to match the style of your home, whether it is colonial, victorian or even more modern.

Even flat trim can greatly enhance an otherwise plain-looking portion of the house by using negative space and a decorative flower. The trim surround creates a negative space on the front of this overhang, making it almost seem as if the darker area is cut out. Adding a small, unassuming flower subtly adds character to the front portion of this house.