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Polyurethane Balustrade Systems are lightweight and strong, using decorative polyurethane wrapped around wood centers that are perfect for areas where concrete may not be acceptable due to weight restrictions, such as roof tops and second-floor porch balconies. Compliments stucco trim perfectly, and uses the same exterior masonry paint or stucco paint as the rest of the products online.

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Decoramould is a stucco balustrade supplier for exterior home renovation, retrofits and alterations throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. Customers can buy exterior stucco balustrade online, and have their exterior balustrade purchase shipped directly to them.

Our stucco balustrade look like high end concrete balustrade, but weigh only a fraction as much - and often cost only a fraction as much as well. They can be installed during the initial construction of a home or building, or added on as decorative balustrade after construction. Installation is as easy as adhering them to the wall surface, for more information see installation instructions.