Exterior Window Trim Ideas

A gallery of real world decorative moulding and exterior window trim / molding applications. Find new exterior window trim styles, ideas and inspiration for your home using pre-coated styrofoam shapes, including moldings, sills, trims, cornices, columns, column caps, pilasters, keystones and quoins.

These exterior house trim ideas are real world examples, so you can get an example of how other home owners have designed their windows and doors. It allows you to visualize the design in your mind to assist you in deciding what sort of trim styling you want for your home's windows.

Window Trim with Keystone
Combining Stucco Columns with Arches
Trim Surround on EIFS Veranda
Double Columns Front Door
Stucco Moldings on Brick
Starbucks EIFS Wall Details

Tower Trim Details
Window Molding Arches
Molding with Dentils on Block Construction
Door Pilaster and Header
Unique Wall Pilasters and Trim
Square Stucco Column And Cap

Idea: Stacked or Built-Up Moldings

Moldings may be stacked or built-up to create a larger moulding or merge 2 or more mouldings. You may also build up a molding by sumply adding styrofoam underneath of it, thereby pushing the molding out further from the wall. This is particularly effective when your molding is large and you only want a portion of it to follow along a deviation in a straight wall. Building up moldings also adds depth to the molding and eases the transition between the eavestrough or roof and the wall.

In the example below, the molding breaks off into 2 parts - one following the gable and the other running along the bottom of it.

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Idea: Gothic Style Arched Molding

Aside from the traditional arched molding, moldings may also be made into gothic arches by meeting two curved moldings at a sharp midpoint. The arches are seperated from the window side trim by a small horizontal molding, giving it the impression of the arch resting on the side trim and further reinforcing the gothic style.

This look is particularly effective in the above picture, with a stoney-gothic tower protruding from the roof. The dark shingles further enforce the gothic architecture and really emphasize the stone and architectural moldings

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Idea: Dentil Cornices

Dentils can be added to crown moldings to make them look more sophisticated. Typically this is done by simply adding decor pieces (dentils) to the flat part of the crown molding. Care must be taken to evenly space out the dentils when attaching them. Adding dentils must be done manually, making dentil crown moldings (cornices) very expensive compared to other cornices.

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Idea: Stucco Columns on a Porch

Wrapping unsightly front porch posts with a stucco column can greatly enhanced the aesthetics of the front of the house. Stucco columns add style, character and definition without the costs normally associated with similar large columns made of concrete or fibreglass.

You can see here that the stucco plays a secondary, understated role to the stone on the porch and rest of the house, but the two materials work fantastically in unison. Due to synthetic stucco's light weight, it is ideal for areas such as a porch overhang where a good portion of the weight rests on thin posts. This reduces the stress on the posts and porch floor, increasing their longevity. The stucco columns wrapped around the posts provide no structural support for the porch overhang, however they tie in perfectly with the stucco above them and the stucco window trim.

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Idea: Square Columns Made From Pilasters

A well decorated house with square columns and pilasters to match. There is ample use of crown and window molding to decorate the walls.

The square columns are certainly less common than rounded ones, and are well chosen for the house. They match the door pilasters behind, and second story pilasters above.

The window moldings are well ornamented, with header moldings instead of trim the full way around as well as window sills. The arched windows have also had custom arch moldings made which "flare" at the bottom of the arch.

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Idea: Decorative Quoins

Quoins make the corners of a home look more pronounced, and sturdy. In this project, the home owner and architect made ample use of quoins on their multiple corners resulting in not only a stylish exterior, but a unique interior floor plan as well.

In addition, the architect had the good sense to install a molding along the break between the first and second floor, which will go a long way in hiding any cracks which might occur at this weaker portion of the house.

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With 10-12 different styles of window trims, window sills and wall mouldings, there are thousands of possible combinations for your home. Add accents like keystones to your windows, quoins to the corner of your home and columns or pilasters to your entry way to make a home stand out.

Design services are available for all projects for a flat fee of $300, which is deducted off of your order total.

Exterior Trim Color Ideas

The most common color scheme for exterior trim is a two-tone theme, with trim or molding around windows one color and decorative accents like quoins, cornices and pilasters a lighter or darker shade. This provides an elegant and simple contrast, as well as highlighting the separate features.