Trim and Molding for Dryvit Outsulation (EIFS)

Dryvit’s Outsulation is a proprietary EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish System) that ranks among the most popular in the world. Over the decades, Dryvit products have been rigorously tested and improved into a product that today stands at the forefront of the EIFS industry, and building industry in general.


Decoramould’s exterior trim products can be installed during a number of stages of a Dryvit Outsulation installation. The moldings can either be installed directly onto Dryvit’s Backstop NT, the rigid EPS (Expanded Polystyrene, styrofoam) boards, or onto the base coat.

Actually,  all trims (including window headers, trims, sills, keystones, moldings, cornices, columns, pilasters and quoins) can be installed directly onto the Dryvit finish coat, even long after the original installation is complete! Contact us for more details.

Decoramould has the capability of manufacturing our various molding and trim products with 100% Dryvit materials on request, including their styrofoam, mesh and base coat. This is all done according to our stringent quality standards, which leaves you with a wall that is completed entirely with Dryvit products. This is ideal for general contractors, stucco contractors and architects who wish to simplify their project by ensuring that quality products are used all-around. Contact Decoramould to request your order be completed with Dryvit materials.