Gold Paint on Medallions

Everyone once in a while an… odd colour will pop up in such a way that it actually looks great. It takes a great design mind, or an experienced contractor to know what will and will not work.

gold paint medallions

Taking the time to paint that kind of detail into medallions takes hours. Medallions are very detailed pieces that take time to paint just a single color because of the tiny niches and details, but to go over it a second time with another color is a sign of careful planning and care. The gold color is not overdone, it’s used as an accent to the medallion that matches the same color of the wall itself. The effect is a “glistening” wall feature that is sure to catch the attention of anybody who passes by.

The medallion has also taken the place of the traditional keystone that is typically seen inserted into the window trim itself. Positioned over the center of the window, it is a purely aesthetic feature that distinguishes the building from those around it – and really other stucco projects in general.

While the light beige is a commonly seen on stucco projects and is actually overdone, using unique architectural elements like the medallions, aesthetic reveals, columns and column capitals can help add distinction to a project. Typically these architectural details are painted a solid color that is a few shades lighter or darker than the wall itself, but as this project shows, adding shading detail will go a long way. Careful consideration during the design stage of Exterior Insulation Finish Systems can help architects, builders and home owners avoid the “cookie cutter” look that has become so prevalent with the EIFS industry.