Basement Window Header

Basement windows are sometimes difficult to decorate due to the fact that, well – they’re basement windows. This means that there is little room around the sides, if in fact there is a window well dug into the ground. Normally, people can completely ignore decorating the basement window without consequence – but when that window is visible from a high traffic street, something should be done.

Sometimes, decorating nearly-unseen windows with architectural moldings is necessary.

By returning the ends of the window header into the wall, the basement window header is given a nice clean, finished look. Notice that the window trim does not necessarily need to continue along the sides of the window; simply having it along the top is enough.

The contrast between the wall itself and window header creates enough of a difference that the home owner opted to use the same color as the wall itself. While the styrofoam trim and the wall is the same, the finish differentiates the trim, making it look like expensive concrete instead of regular stucco.