How to Install Medallions

Medallions are a simple way to make a big change in the way your home looks. They create a focal point on your home – a point that your eye naturally gravitates towards when viewing something. While most frequently installed as a single piece on a gable end, or over a door, they can be used as a repeating architectural element.

Medallions are not difficult to install, in fact most home owners can do it themselves with some simple directions and the right tools. We have put together a short how-to guide that covers off everything you need to know about installing Decoramould’s Medallions yourself. The images demonstrate the installation on a stucco house, however the PL premium is the correct adhesive for wood siding, vinyl siding and aluminum siding.

For cement-based siding materials such as brick, concrete block, hardie siding or traditional cement stucco we would recommend our cement adhesive.

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