Medallion Wall Decor

Medallions are one of the few pieces of exterior trim decor that serve a purely aesthetic purpose. Typically painted the same colour as the rest of the trim, medallions create a focal point on a wall, filling in a space that would otherwise be just plain – and blank. It’s important not to overuse very detailed decorative items such as medallions, so that the few pieces that are used stand out. The old saying applies with this kind of product – less is more.


Medallions can fill otherwise void spaces.

Medallions are typically made of a different material from other Decoramould products (trim, sills, quoins, etc). Due to the intricate design of the medallion, it is only possible to have them made from polyurethane. Polyurethane expands and contracts to a larger degree than the polystyrene that straight molding pieces are made from, resulting in possible installation complications. Because of this, Decoramould recommends the use of both adhesive (PL Premium or EIFS adhesive) and a mechanical method of attachment (screws or nails). This dual installation method ensures that the medallion will not fall off the wall over the years.

Below is an example of a poorly adhered medallion, that has since fallen off.


Improperly installed medallions can eventually fall off the wall, as seen above.

Aside from installation details, it’s important to get medallions from a supplier who is known to create good quality products. Poorly manufactured polyurethane products degrade quickly, and if not properly primed – will begin to cause the paint to peel within weeks of being painted. Spending an additional 25% up front will save you from having to re-purchase a medallion from a manufacturer known for good quality when the poor quality product falls apart.