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Order your trim with pre-finished corners saving you hours of on-site time. Add one for every side you would like return cut (i.e. add 2 to have both sides of a sill pre-finished).
Specify which item you want this done on (and the end-to-end width) in the inch comments inch section when ordering.
Note that this will reduce the length of the molding to your specified size.
Maximum length of sill (on average) with mitered ends is 84 inch due to the returns being cut from the sill itself. Lengths over 84 inch require 2 pieces of sill (total 2 mitered ends for those 2 pieces of sill). Ensure that you include the trim width and depth of the sill on both sides of the window.
Does not affect shipping cost.

  • Comes ready-to-paint (masonry or stucco paint)
  • Looks like high-end concrete, without the high cost or weight
  • Will not rot, warp or infest like wood products
  • Cut and miter with standard wood-working tools
  • Install during or after construction

No Distributors

We sell direct, with no middle-man distributors marking up the price, and reducing your costs by about 50%. Ships direct to your job site or home via LTL courier (UPS for smaller orders).


All products are shipped ready to paint, direct from our factory. It must be painted on site, in any color of your choice, using an exterior-grade masonry-paint found at your local hardware store or stucco distributor (eg. Dryvit, Senergy, Sto).

Install With Adhesive

This can be installed either during construction, or after your project has been completed, for extra finishing touches. Use an enhanced-cement/stucco adhesive for masonry surfaces, PL-premium on other surfaces.