Staggered Quoins

Staggered quoins are a visual effect that is achieved by alternating two different sized quoins.

A staggered quoin effect can be achieved by alternating Decoramould's 2 different sizes of quoins. The first step is deciding whether you would like the quoins stacked on top of one another or with spacing between. If the quoins are to be stacked, Quoin 005 and Quoin 006 are recommended because the beveled edges will clearly distinguish them as being separate. If you plan on spacing the quoins apart (typical recommendations are 2"-6" spacing between quoins), Quoin 001 and Quoin 002 can be used.

Square Quoins

Quoin 001 and Quoin 005 have similar dimensions - 12" in height and 12" along each side, however the Quoin 005 is 1.5" thick as opposed to 1" thick.

Rectangular Quoins

Quoin 002 and Quoin 006 are again similar - 12" in height and 16" along each side, however the Quoin 006 is 1.5" thick as opposed to 1" thick.

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